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Karate Atlanta Peachtree City



Posted: December 01, 2015

It’s no secret that kids have seemingly unlimited energy, which can sometimes get out of control if not channeled appropriately. If you are looking for an activity for your children to participate in after school to use up this energy while learning valuable life skills in the process, taekwondo or karate classes for kids will get the job done.

While similar, taekwondo and karate are not the same. Karate originated in Japan, while taekwondo came from Korea. Both styles are thousands of years old and teach self-defense moves, but taekwondo focuses more on competition and sparring skills.

In karate competitions, equal points are awarded for kicks and punches, but in taekwondo, kicks receive more points and therefore are the main focus. The word “taekwondo” itself means “the way of the hand and foot” and it is often explained simply as the “kicking art.” In addition to kicking technique, taekwondo teaches breaking power and how to split wood and bricks with nothing but bare hands and feet.

Since healthy competition is a great skill for children to learn, taekwondo is a fun way for kids to get this experience with their peers using the skills they learn in class. They will have fun learning new techniques and feeling pride in a job well done on their journey as they progress from a white belt to a black belt and everything in between. They will feel empowered as they learn they can rely on themselves for defense and strength without the use of physical weapons. Children will gain confidence as they discover and show strength even they didn’t know they had!

Taekwondo for kids will teach your children discipline and respect while helping them become stronger physically and mentally as they attend classes. They will improve their coordination and balance and also experience greater self-confidence. Your children will learn the importance of respect for others by gaining a deep sense of self-respect.